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Looking for an easy-to-use and fast-loading WordPress website? Check out our kadence starter templates. Designed for efficiency without compromising on speed.

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How Does TemplateBox Benefit You?

Lovely Gutenberg layouts that can be applied to any project. Your website’s building will go more quickly if you use these block templates.

easy to use

Easy to use

With TemplateBox enjoy a hassle-free website creation experience with lightning-fast workflows and simple-to-use interfaces.

easy website build with layouts

Create any website

Crafting a website has never been easier! You can use our pre-built blocks and layouts to create any type of website with ease.

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Spend less time

Don’t spend hours designing a website when you can simply use the pre-made Gutenberg layouts to create a professional website.

create any website with templatebox

Our templates are easily adaptable to any project you have in mind.

Introducing TemplateBox – the ultimate Gutenberg template pack for WordPress! With TemplateBox, you can take your website building to the next level with ease. TemplateBox includes a vast collection of professionally designed templates, making it simple for you to create beautiful websites in a matter of time.

Our WordPress blocks templates Look great on any device

Our WordPress Gutenberg templates are designed to be responsive, meaning they will adjust to look great on any device, including desktop computers, tablets, and smartphones.

responsive design
create any website with templatebox

Get Creative With A Range Of Customizable Gutenberg Templates

With hundreds of customizable templates to choose from, you’ll be able to find the perfect layout for your website, whether it’s for a business, blog, portfolio, or anything else. Each template is carefully designed and optimized for fast loading speeds and a seamless user experience.

Save Time and Money with Customizable Gutenberg Layouts

When building websites, you’ll be able to save a lot of time and money by using TemplateBox. Our collection of configurable templates is meant to make website building fast, easy, and affordable. You can pick from our amazing variety of templates and get started on building them right away.

Save Time and Money with Customizable Gutenberg Layouts

Friendly Ask Questions

Why should I use TemplateBox?

TemplateBox has a good collection of Gutenberg templates. With this, you can create almost any site easily without doing have work.

What page builder does it support?

Currently, all of our templates support Kadence Blocks, Spectra, and Stackable. In the future, we will add more you can send feedback or recommendation here

Do you have any documentation?

Yes, we have documentation.

Do I need any paid plugins to use TemplateBox?

All of our templates are built with the free version of Kadence Blocks, Spectra, and Stackable. You don’t need the premium version of this plugin.

Is TemplateBox a LIfetime Deal?

Yes, you only have to pay once and you can use it forever. There aren’t any extra monthly costs. This pricing includes all upcoming updates with this purchase.

Ready to get started? Browse our WordPress Gutenberg template collection today and find the perfect template for your website.